This share of Tata rose by 100000%, the stock crossed Rs 3300 by Rs 3, created a new record.

The stock we are talking about today has actually made a record. This stock has gained about 3%. Now this share has reached Rs 3347.45. This stock has now reached its all time high.

Quick returns

It has given tremendous returns in the last few years. This share has increased from Rs 3 to Rs 3300. The company’s shares have increased by 100000%. It has made a record this week. Jhunjhunwala family has placed a big bet on Titan.

4 crore shares

According to stock exchange data, Rekha Jhunjhunwalaji holds 4,75,95,970 shares, which means about 5.36 percent. Jhunjhunwalaji had also bought 6 lakh more shares in the June quarter. This is considered to be the favorite share of Rakesh Jhunjhunwalaji.

Profit of Rs 460 crore in 1 day

Titan shares had risen by Rs 97 in a day. If we calculate the shares held by him and this rise, then he has made a profit of Rs 460 crore in a single day.

1 lakh became 10 crore rupees

On August 1, 2003, Titan’s shares were at Rs 3.15, now its share price has reached Rs 3347.45. If we look at the returns, it has given around Rs 105000 returns. If someone had invested Rs 1 lakh in it on August 1, 2003, its value today would have been around Rs 10.62 crore (we have calculated excluding the bonus shares given by the stock).

What is the name of the share?

The name of the share we are talking about is Titan Share.

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