Jio Financial Services Share Price Target 2023,2024,2025,2030

Jio Financial Services Limited

Before getting into the future of financial services company jio financial services limited in the stock market, what are the jio financial services stock price targets for 2023, 2024, 2026, 2030? What are they going to get information about? Can be targeted.

Jio Financial Services Share Company Information

Jio Financial Share Company is a Non-Banking Financial Company, which started as Reliance Strategic Investments Limited on 22 July 1999, which is now listed on the stock market as Jio Financial Services Limited with effect from 20 July 2023, following the separation of Reliance Industries. Is listed in. The new identity and will be available for all investors to trade on August 21, 2023, the company’s head office is located in Mumbai, then the company’s chairman K.V. Kamath is

The main business of the company is to provide loans to people and businesses and these loans are not that big, these loans start from 5,000 thousand, also the company, Reliance Payment Solutions, Jio Payment Bank, Retail Finance, Reliance Retail Insurance Broking and Digital Broking is providing mutual fund services.

Jio Financial Services Share Price Target 2023

There has been a big change in the mindset of the Indian people since a few decades as people now prefer to take even small things with the help of loans, that is why Mukesh Ambani has decided to separate the business from Jio Financial. ,

Jio Financial Share In the year 2022, the company gave a loan of 9,149 crores to the people and the company got a net profit of 1.68 crores and if we look at the previous years, in 2021, there was a net profit of 1.23 crores. There was a profit of Rs 2.30 crore in the year 2020.

If we talk about the loan segment of Jio Financial Services, the net profit earned by the company since 2022 has been more than 2021 and less than 2020, but in future the company achieves growth in its loan segment, which is its target in 2023. , If you see growth in this also then first target of jio financial services stock price target in year 2023 is Rs. 500 and the second target is Rs. Can go up to 600.

Jio Financial Services Share Price Target 2024

Bajaj Finance is the biggest name in the finance sector companies in the Indian stock market and its profits are increasing from 26% to 36%, it is easy to reach double digits in this sector, that is why Reliance Industries is in this sector. I have decided to take my business on a bigger scale.

If Jio Finance Services is able to give the biggest competition to Bajaj Finance, the biggest company in the finance sector in the stock market, then the share price target of Jio Financial Services in 2024 is its first target of Rs 700 and the second target of Rs 750. Able to do

Jio Financial Services Share Price Target 2025

Nowadays, most of the work in the whole world including India is done on mobile and for a few decades, taking loan on mobile became an easy thing, taking advantage of this, China introduced the biggest loan app in India, but due to the wisdom of the Indian government, now these loan apps A ban has been imposed, the biggest benefit of which is now going to be to Indian loan companies and Jio Financial Shares.

Jio Financial Services announced on July 26, 2023 that it has entered into a joint venture with global asset management company BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management company that manages people’s money. If it manages then this company manages 8.5 percent. Trillion dollars, so you can understand how big a company it is.

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The JV agreement with Big Rock, a Jio Financial share company, is going to be very beneficial as the company will benefit from the experience of Big Rock in the sector and their high level of service, which has 42 companies in the asset management sector. There is going to be a big blow to the companies involved in India and under which the share price target of Jio Financial Services can go up to Rs 800 and the second target can go up to Rs 900 in 2025.

Jio Financial Services Share Price Target 2030

What happened when Reliance Industries Company entered the telecom sector through Jio? Everyone knows that in the telecom sector, companies like Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, whose management, service was poor or were in debt, completely bankrupted the company. But those who had good management ruined the company. Can survive in this market, Airtel has not suffered that much loss.

The entry of the company in the financial services sector of the stock market is going to cause huge losses to the companies coming in this sector, due to which the first target of Jio Finance Services will increase to 2030. Rs 2000 and the second target can go up to Rs 2300.

Strength of Jio Financial Services Share

This company is part of India’s largest company Reliance Industries.
The company’s business segment is based on the future.
The company has a joint venture agreement with Big Rock.

Weakness of Jio Financial Services Share

The annual revenue of rival companies in the finance sector is more than that of Jio Financial Services Company.
The company already has big names in the finance sector.

Jio Financial Services Share Risk

The risk factor of jio financial services company is that the competing companies include big names like Bajaj Finance, SBFC Finance, Shriram Finance, Muthoot Finance and Piramal Enterprises which are performing well in the market for a long time, so this company is tough. . There might be a collision.

My opinion for investing in Jio Financial Services stock is that this company is part of Reliance Industries, so it has high growth potential in the future, so you can get good returns from here as well. Investment: If you are planning to invest with expert advice or small amount, then here also you can get good returns.

Jio Financial Services Share FAQs

What are Jio Financial Services Products
Answer- The company is mainly into loans, insurance, digital payments, broking mutual funds
Works to provide service.

jio financial services website is the official website.

Jio financial services list date
Answer- 21st August 2023 is the date of jio financial services list.


Taking Jio Financial Services stock company information, we have estimated the company performance till 2023, 2024, 2026, 2030, company expansion as well as annual revenue and profit growth and future Jio Financial Services stock price target. Detailed information about the target settlement tax is given in this article, if you liked this information then do write your suggestions in the comment box.

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